What Are Online Games?

Online Games are computer games that are played via an Internet connection on laptops, smartphones, and personal computers. They are typically less expensive than traditional video games and require minimal hardware or software.Learn

Online games are a way for people to have fun, relax, and socialize with friends. They can also keep the mind sharp, and many games require problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. However, like anything, online gaming can become addictive if not controlled properly. It is important to make sure you are only playing online games with a trusted network and are not sharing personal information that could lead to cyberbullying or theft.

Online Gaming Etiquette: Being a Respectful Player in a Digital Universe

A popular example of online gaming is a multiplayer game, where players interact with other “players” through an avatar or character. These characters can often develop statistics, and high scores, and earn money, awards, badges or stamps as they play the game.

Another type of online game is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). These games offer players the opportunity to interact with other players in a virtual world and may involve strategy, action or adventure. A recent study has shown that online gaming, specifically MMORPGs, can promote a sense of community and belonging among participants. This can be especially helpful for individuals who feel lonely or isolated. However, there are also concerns that online gaming can contribute to problems such as depression and addiction. Parents can help their children enjoy and play online games responsibly by making sure they are using the game in a safe and monitored environment, and encouraging them to socialize with other players face-to-face.

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