Vape Smoke Detector For Home

vape smoke detector for home

A vape smoke detector for home  is a modified version of the common fire alarms and detectors that you can find in your homes, businesses, and other public buildings. These devices are made to detect airborne particles, such as smoke from a fire, but they are also sensitive to the vapor caused by e-cigarettes and other vaporizers. This means that they are often triggered by the smoke from vaporizers, which can be problematic if you vape in areas where it is prohibited.

Vape Smoke Detectors for Home: Safeguarding Indoor Air Quality from Vaping

Smoke detectors work in a few different ways, and some types are more likely to be set off by vapor than others. Ionization smoke detectors are particularly susceptible to being triggered by vapor because they rely on small particles to disrupt electricity traveling between two charged plates in the sensor. Other smoke detectors use heat to trigger, and these are less likely to be triggered by vapor.

There are some ways to avoid setting off a smoke detector when you vape, and one of the most effective is to simply blow your vapor down and away from the detector. This will prevent the vapor from rising and reaching the detector, which is often located on ceilings. It will also make your clothes smell like vapor, but it’s the best way to avoid triggering a smoke detector if you don’t want to risk getting into trouble.

If you’re looking for a high quality vape detector that is designed to be as sensitive to vapor as possible while still providing excellent protection, we recommend checking out the products from Verkada. They’re a little bit more expensive than some of the fly by night vendors on Amazon that are flogging Chinese whiteboxes for 10 times their value, but they offer superior sensitivity and come with easy-to-use software and support.

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