The Basics of Information Security

basics of information security

Infosec whatsapp used for scamming need to keep their attention on a wide range of threats and attack strategies. This requires an information security program that is comprehensive and constantly adapted to address new vulnerabilities. It also requires a team of individuals throughout an organization who understand their role in the security program.

While the chief information security officer (CISO) and IT director have primary responsibility for an organization’s information security program, all members of the IT and executive teams and employees in the business are responsible for protecting data and systems. This includes ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry mandates that apply to the specific business operations.

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Fundamentally, information security encompasses three primary objectives: confidentiality, integrity and availability. These are collectively known as the CIA triad. Confidentiality measures are designed to ensure that only those who should have access to specific information can see it. This includes securing sensitive documents with two-factor authentication and encryption, using password protection and requiring strong ones, encrypting email, storing information in a secure repository and other means of keeping data private.

Integrity is about ensuring that data is complete, accurate and hasn’t been tampered with in any way, whether maliciously or accidentally. This is accomplished through policies and practices that include backups, redundant systems, logging of changes to data, nonrepudiation and other measures. Availability is the last point of the triad and involves ensuring that information is accessible to those who need it. This can be a challenge with mobile and Internet of things devices, as well as integration with third-party systems that may have their own security flaws.

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