Sustainable Travel in Iceland

Sustainable Travel in Iceland

With more than two million tourists visiting each year, the environmental impact of tourism in Iceland is a major concern. To help mitigate this, locals are spearheading initiatives to promote sustainable tourism and protect the island’s natural beauty. From eco-friendly accommodation to guided tours that prioritise environmental preservation, these efforts are essential in ensuring the longevity of Iceland’s natural ecosystems.More info

As tourists are increasingly aware of the impact they can have, there are now a variety of sustainable travel options in Iceland that allow you to experience its stunning landscapes without disturbing its natural habitat. This includes avoiding tourist traps clogged with day trippers, traveling during the off-season, and choosing experiences that prioritize wildlife conservation.

Local Flavors, Low Footprint: Sustainable Dining Tips for Travelers in Iceland

The best way to ensure you’re travelling sustainably in Iceland is by supporting local businesses and communities. Staying in family-run guesthouses, dining at locally-sourced restaurants, and shopping at independent souvenir shops helps create a sustainable economy that benefits locals and fosters a stronger connection to the island’s culture and traditions.

Another great way to minimize your carbon footprint is by purchasing items that are reused or recycled. For example, the vast majority of stores in Iceland sell reusable grocery bags and bottles for your water needs – saving you money and cutting down on waste.

For those taking flights to Iceland, some airlines offer the option to offset your carbon emissions with reforestation projects. Check with your airline or with companies such as Kolvidur and Eden Reforestation Projects to see if they are an option for you.

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