Roller Garage Doors Essex

A fantastic addition to any property, roller garage doors are a space-saving and extremely versatile door. They also provide excellent security and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

What is roller garage door?

High quality materials, top-quality manufacturing and a wide variety of optional extras ensure your garage looks fantastic and reflects the character of your home. They can be installed to suit any style of property and are suitable for both traditional and modern homes.

Easy to Operate

Essex roller doors are incredibly easy to operate and come supplied with remote controls. They can be easily opened and closed with the touch of a button making them ideal for fast-moving families.

Unlike other types of doors, roller doors do not require guide tracks that take up valuable ceiling space within the garage. The slats simply roll up into an internal drum above the door allowing valuable storage space inside your garage to be utilised.


If you are looking to maximise the amount of useful space within your garage, our Aluminium roller doors are an ideal solution. The individual slats are fully insulated with CFC free polyurethane foam ensuring excellent thermal insulation. Rubber floor seals are used to help reduce the loss of heat within your garage.

Increased Usuable Drive Through Height

Our aluminium roller doors are designed to offer a greater drive through height than steel roller garage doors when open if internal headroom is restricted. They also have the advantage of allowing the existing frames to be removed which can increase the drive through width, effectively giving you more garage and driveway space.

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