Resolve Naturals 3000mg CBD Lotion Review

CBD creams and balms tend to be less potent than oils and gummies, but many people find them easier to manage. CBD may soothe skin and relieve pain, and some creams have ingredients like menthol for extra cooling effects. It is important to read the ingredients and avoid products that contain any known allergens, especially if you have sensitive skin.More

Resolve Naturals’ 3000mg cbd lotion offers one of the highest concentrations of full spectrum CBD on the market in this 3.4 oz container. This lotion is made with organic hemp, and is free from pesticides, chemical preservatives, and synthetic substances. This product also contains essential oils for a soothing, aromatic experience. It can be used directly on sore muscles and joints to ease discomfort.

Intense Relief: The Strength of 3000mg CBD Lotion

This cream is made with shea butter and a wide range of feel-good ingredients to hydrate the skin and calm discomfort. It contains coconut, almond, and kukui nut oils and vitamin E to promote healthy skin. It has an earthy herbal aroma and a hint of mint, which provides relief from aches and pains.

This lotion is formulated to help relieve muscle and joint pain by combining broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD with a beneficial blend of all-natural plant terpenes, arnica, and menthol. It absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. It is free from phthalates, parabens, and other synthetic chemicals and is vegan-friendly. It is also cruelty-free and made in the USA. The company recommends massaging the cream into the area of discomfort.

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