Parental Guide: Monitoring Your Child’s Gaming Habits


Whether your child plays video games, a computer or an app, parental involvement in gaming can help keep the experience fun and safe. Encourage your child to play games that promote learning and skill development. Discourage them from playing violent or sexually explicit games and monitor their online gaming interactions for safety. URL ค้นพบ www.UFABET ที่

Parental Guide: Monitoring Your Child’s Gaming Habits

Use a program like RescueTime to monitor how much time your children spend on their gaming devices. Set a realistic screen time limit and be sure to enforce it. Establish a consequence if your child breaks the rules, but make it fair. For example, your teen might not get to drive to school or play with friends if they break the gaming rules next week.

Discourage in-game purchases and microtransactions by encouraging your child to earn virtual items by completing tasks, and by discussing the value of money. If they are interested in purchasing in-game items, try using a game that provides a free trial before making a purchase to familiarize them with the transaction process.

Make it a rule that gaming occurs only after your child completes all other responsibilities for the day, such as homework and chores. This helps them appreciate the privilege of playing video games and may prevent them from thinking of them as an inalienable right. Also, make it a rule to play together as a family and discuss the different genres of video games such as role-playing, action and puzzle games.

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