How to Find Defense Experts Online

During a jury trial, both the prosecution and defense counsel try to sway the members of the jury with evidence, arguments, and testimony. A defense attorney will often hire an expert witness to help with this task. However, not all experts are equal. Expert witnesses are subject to rigorous scrutiny from the judge and prosecutor in order to ensure they have proper credentials and knowledge of the field of study that they’re presenting on.Source: As seen on

Online Resources for Aspiring Defense Experts: Where to Start

To find qualified defense experts online, you can take a look at the websites of firms that specialize in criminal law. This includes Dawson Duckett & Garcia, which showcases a home page with high-quality images and a section that highlights client success stories. This type of content helps resonate with prospective clients and demonstrates that the firm has experience with similar cases to their own.

Aside from these legal websites, you can also find defense experts online by searching for them in specialized communities and forums. These sites allow experts to network with one another and share their opinions on specific topics. They can also provide information about their education and professional qualifications.

In addition, many defense experts travel across the United States in order to provide their testimony to insurance and defense legal teams. These experts can be difficult to track down, but you can use an expert search service to compile a list of historical reports, testimony declarations, financial disclosures, depositions and prior evidentiary strikes or limitations for any given expert.

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