How Long Will Laptops Have Before They Break?

When people think of laptops the first thought that crosses their mind is that they are fragile and prone to getting damaged very easily. Well, this misconception is completely wrong because although laptops are generally quite light weight and quite small they are made to withstand lots of pressure and are not one bit fragile. Laptops have an average lifespan of 5 years, this is based on the number of hours of usage a laptop has been used for. The actual lifespan will vary greatly depending upon the type of laptop you have purchased and will also depend on how you treat your laptop. Generally speaking if you take good care of your laptop it should last for up to seven years.

How Long Will Laptops Have Before They Break?: The Samurai Way

The other factor that will affect the lifespan of a laptop is the quality of the battery that you use with your laptop. The most common type of battery that is used in laptops is the non rechargeable kind but there are also those that will give you up to nine hours of battery life when they are fully charged. If you do not use the laptop for a long time then the life span of the battery will reduce. Once a battery has reached its limit it is important that you replace the battery with a new one or else it will cause damage to the hard drive or your laptop.

Another factor that will affect the lifespan of a laptop is the amount of dust that is on it when it is first bought. The more dust there is on the machine the more chance there is that the battery will get damaged. Although the manufacturers of laptops will guarantee their products they will not be able to supply you with a spare battery if the one that came with the laptop is faulty. It is therefore important that you keep the unit as clean as possible to enable the battery to work properly.

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