For Honor Hacks Are Illegal

For honor hacks-and-slash game that has players battling as Knights, Vikings, or Samurai in an era ripped from history by some cataclysmic warp or something. The game features some pretty nifty gameplay, but it can be rather repetitive and monotonous. Especially as For Honor’s campaign mode runs for about eight hours and is almost entirely some variation of run in, kill enemies, and repeat.

In an effort to remedy this, a few people have created for honor hacks and scripts to automate player input and provide superhuman reaction times limited only by your ping. Those cheats can do everything from automatically blocking and parrying attacks to auto attacking and auto dodging. In a PvP game like for honor that requires high levels of skill and coordination, these types of scripts and bots are a god send.

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But for honor hacks are illegal in any form and if caught you will receive a ban. The reason being that all your data in For Honor (your gear, XP, Steel, and so on) is stored on servers owned by Ubisoft. These can be hacked with software to give you access to your account’s resources.

For Honor’s developer has taken a hard line on cheaters, banning 400 players so far using EasyAntiCheat and another 70 for offensive emblems and harassment, according to a post on the game’s official blog. Ubisoft is also working to get For Honor working on Steam Deck and desktop Linux with a Playable rating on Valve’s Proton Experimental.

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