Email Address Validator API

email address validator API is an important part of maintaining a healthy sender reputation. Poorly formatted email addresses can lead to high bounce rates that damage your reputation. Using a validated email address API is an easy way to ensure that your business isn’t sending emails to bad clients. This article will walk you through the basics of using an email validator API, from how it works to the types of results you can expect to see.

Email validator APIs work by pinging an email server to determine whether it can accept emails from the domain in question. The verifier uses this information to identify potentially invalid email addresses and remove them from your mailing list. The verifier also checks the MX records of the domain to determine which mail servers are configured to receive emails from it.

Email Confidence: Choosing and Implementing the Right Email Address Validator API

An email verification API typically returns an object containing a normalized form of the local part (the part before the @ sign) and other information about it. It may raise an EmailSyntaxError if the form of the address is invalid or an EmailUndeliverableError if the domain name fails DNS checks.

You can use the results of an email address validation API in a variety of ways. The most common application is in a website’s form where email addresses are submitted. This lets you surface potential typos to form visitors while they’re filling out your forms and capture the results after submission to inform your sending decisions.

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