Creating Jobs Through Global Talent Stream, Canada’s Newest Workplace Recruitment Strategy

Global Talent Stream is a platform that provides immigrating talent from around the world with opportunities to earn and obtain temporary work permits. The program was launched in June of 2021. It was initially influenced by the partnership between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada(ESDC). In addition, CIC Global Talent Stream assists foreign professionals to be committed in enhancing diversity in their workplace through…

Global Talent Stream Canada Smackdown!

Global Talent Stream enables entrepreneurs to invest in the right people, without waiting for their permanent status. This recruitment strategy helps organizations to fill various vacant positions in a timely manner while recruiting talent from around the world. The program also provides experienced Canadian workers who have obtained their permanent residence in Canada, as per their employment contracts, to take up jobs in other countries and return to Canada. For this reason, entrepreneurs can access the right people, while maintaining the ability to remain in the country they already called home.

As per the Program, Canadian employers are allowed to advertise for candidates from their own country and recruiters from other countries can reach them through the World Wide Web. This recruitment strategy is creating jobs for millions of Canadians, even as it is opening new doors for those from different parts of the world. When employers search for talent on the World Wide Web, they are able to access a large number of candidates from all around the world. Therefore, Canadian employers are able to fill many permanent and seasonal positions due to the participation of global talent pool.

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