Choosing Custom Name Patches

custom name patchesName patches are the classic finishing touch to uniforms, corporate shirts, and lab coats. They’re also perfect for sports groups, motorcycle clubs, and a variety of other gear. Whether you’re looking for a simple patch with a basic font and twill backing color of your choice or something more elaborate with embroidery and borders, Seattle has plenty of options to choose from. More info:

When choosing a name patch, you’ll want to make sure that the patch is high-quality and durable. Embroidered patches are the most common type of patch, but there are also other types of patches you can choose from, including sew-on and iron-on. The type of patch you choose will depend on the style and design of your uniform, as well as your budget and how many patches you need.

Embroidered name patches are the most popular type of patch for a reason: they’re professional and look great on any garment. They’re also the most durable, with the ability to stand up to even the most rigorous washing processes. Plus, embroidered name patches are available in a wide range of thread colors so you can choose the perfect hue for your design.

You can also choose custom iron on name patches, which have a slim layer of special glue that allows them to be “sticked” onto fabric utilizing a dry iron, and then solidify when it cools. This is the simplest option for those who don’t have access to a sewing machine or are looking for an affordable alternative to a fully embroidered patch.

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