Birds, Squirrels, Other Bats and More – Take a Helicopter and Visit a Pest Control Company

The Bird-x Protectors are the best way to eliminate birds’ aviary problems and annoying intruders such as pigeons from your property. They eliminate pigeons while they are feeding by releasing a high-frequency sound wave that scares the birds away. It also effectively keeps bugs and pests like mice and rats out of your garden by producing ultrasonic sound waves that deter other animals. Maintaining a healthy garden is difficult and sometimes impossible. However, using ultrasonic bird repeller like bird-I can make it easier and more successful to keep unwanted animals out of your yard.

Which is collected by photo-sensors located on each side of the device

The Solar Animal repellent is made of solar energy which is collected by photo-sensors located on each side of the device. This high-frequency sound emission keeps other animals and birds away. The Solar Animal repellent works well on small animals like cockroaches, ants, and bees. It emits high-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by humans but can be heard by sensitive animals such as owls, eagles and cats.

The Bird-X Balcony Protection System uses ultrasonic noise waves to effectively and efficiently scare, nuisance and control pesky birds, other animals and even bats in a 900 square feet. A weatherproof finish helps this bird repeller last long for safe outdoor usage. It provides safe and effective bird control by emitting a soft high-pitched whining sound that scares away birds and animals. Provides safe and effective bird control with quiet continuous signals, best for decks, porches, balconies, backyards or anywhere.

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