Arm Workouts

arm workouts

Arm workouts should begin with a warm-up to prime your muscles for work and prevent injury. The Onnit Durability Coach recommends mobility drills prior to arm training. The right workout for you depends on your level of experience and desired results. For the best results, include at least one set of arm-specific exercises in your workout plan.

Arm Workouts Should Begin With A Warm-up To Prime

Arm workouts should be performed at least twice a week. The exercises should be difficult but not too difficult. They should target the long head of the tricep, which contributes most of the thickness of your arms. Aim for three to five reps on each exercise for each set. If you are not able to do this, the arm workout isn’t challenging enough.

You can combine arm exercises with various types of equipment. Dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bands, and body weight are all great tools for building your arms. While they won’t provide the same kind of results as arm workouts for men, bodyweight arm exercises are excellent for maintaining form and function. These arm workouts are also great for beginners and those with limited access to gym equipment.

You can also combine arm workouts with other upper body muscles. Triceps and trapezius are two examples. The principles of muscle growth are similar for both muscles, including choosing the correct exercises and fueling yourself properly. If you’re an advanced trainee, however, you can increase the frequency of direct arm sessions. If you’re a beginner, one or two extra sessions a week may be sufficient.

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