Arm Liposuction NYC Cost

arm liposuction nyc cost

Arm liposuction nyc cost

The arms are one of the most common areas to accumulate excess fat. Often, women struggle to lose this accumulated fat even when they follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. Having thick and flabby arms can make you self-conscious about your appearance and negatively impact your overall confidence.

Fortunately, arm liposuction nyc cost is an effective and safe procedure that can help you sculpt a more contoured and toned appearance. During the procedure, excess fat is sucked out of the upper arms by using a cannula that breaks up and suctiones it from the area.

Arm liposuction nyc costs vary depending on the surgeon and type of treatment. For example, a surgeon who performs the procedure alone may charge less than one who incorporates energy devices like VASER (ultrasound) or BodyTite (bipolar radiofrequency) to tighten the soft tissue.

What is VASER Technology

A skilled surgeon will be able to accurately assess the area of the arms that needs to be treated and provide the best results possible. Additionally, the doctor should offer a range of options to choose from when it comes to the type and amount of fatty tissue that can be removed.

When it comes to the actual surgery, arm liposuction can take up to an hour to complete, and your surgeon will typically make tiny incisions along the natural folds of the arm or underarm. In most cases, little to no scarring is left after treatment. Compression sleeves can be worn for up to a week following the procedure to reduce swelling and speed recovery.

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