Andrew Tate and the Real World

the real world andrew tate

The Real World is an educational platform that hosts 8 online business courses with each one taught by a professor that Andrew Tate handpicked himself. Each of the professors claim to make millions of dollars using their selected business models and students who sign up are promised detailed education and mentoring. Read more

Despite the shady methods he uses to promote his business, Tate attracts a massive following among disaffected young men and boys. YouTube channels are flooded with videos from members, often in their early teens or even younger, bragging about how much money they’ve made and encouraging others to sign up.

Reality Redefined: Andrew Tate’s Approach to the Real World Grind

Tate’s business model involves the lucrative webcamming industry, where models livestream themselves performing sexual acts for viewers who pay them in exchange for a portion of the profits. He claims to have a net worth of millions and his hypnotic social media videos, extremist ideas and promise of awakening are reminiscent of the language used by cult leaders.

In addition to promoting his website, Tate also promotes his courses through an affiliate marketing program in which he pays commissions of 48 percent to members who aggressively flood TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube with repurposed Tate content along with a distinctive sign-up link. Some of these members are believed to be teenagers, and the content they promote has been criticized for targeting vulnerable youth.

Tate was banned from every major social media platform in 2022 for causing widespread offence with content that included him acting out beating women and grabbing them by the neck. He has since resurfaced on the messaging app Telegram, which offers more freedom to creators than YouTube or Twitter.

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