Aerial Tours

Experience Reykjavik re flights operated for compensation or hire in an airplane with the purpose of sightseeing over a pre-planned destination. They differ from Air Transportation or Recreational General Aviation as they focus on touring vs delivering someone or something from point A to point B.

The ‘Air Tours’ aviation sector has evolved significantly since the Wright Brothers first took to the skies in 1903. The world is now more accessible and tourists can travel from all corners of the globe to enjoy aerial views of unique landscapes on offer.

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Helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are both used to conduct aerial tours. The main difference is the way they generate lift; helicopters use rotor blades to spin and fly, while airplanes have stationary wings that are powered by moving air. This makes helicopters better suited for vertical flight, like going up over mountains and into caves while airplanes can do more horizontal and cruising type tours.

Some of the most popular aerial tours include the Grand Canyon, where soaring over the spectacular canyon walls on a scenic flight is a must do for anyone visiting the region. Other popular aerial tours include cityscapes, where you can cruise or hover above hectic cityscapes both day and night. And then there are adventure tours, where you can soar over unique wildlife without disturbing their habitat, such as whale watching off the coast of northern California or zebra herds in Tanzania. You can also experience a new perspective of iconic sites from the air, such as the shipwreck of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

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