7 Top Free Online Vocal Coaches Resources

There are tons of online, vocal coach programs to choose from, but not all of them have been successful for me. Below, I listed the 7 top free online vocal coaches to help you enhance your singing at no cost. For those of you interested in trying voice lessons without spending money on an instructor, I would highly recommend Quick Singing Tips as a series to follow first.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With 7 Top Free Online Vocal Coaches Resources

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First off, I would like to discuss hiring a professional singing coach versus an online vocal coach. While I was looking for an online teacher, I signed up for a membership to a music studio. Upon arriving, I was put into a class with an amazing singing teacher who was also a singing coach and had a big studio on the corner. Although he charged extra for a private lesson, we couldn’t afford to take it every week, so our weekly sessions were filled. We also had to pay for his gas and other things that were needed to make his studio a reality. Luckily, he worked on the weekends, so we could practice there whenever we felt like it.

Now, for the Free Online Vocal Coaches! First of all, if you are serious about improving your voice and want to take your career to the next level, online voice lessons are a must. My recommendation is to find a program with an audio coach and video instruction that include step-by-step lessons on singing fundamentals like breathing and articulation. Second, find a program that teaches you modern music theory and gives you a good foundation in which to build your skills. Finally, find a program that offers both online voice lessons and a personal teacher who can guide you through individualized work, depending on your needs.

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