Moon and Star Pendant CollectionMoon and Star Pendant Collection

The ethereal beauty of the stars and moon can be captured in a piece of jewelry. This celestial-inspired collection features moon and star-shaped motifs in shimmering gold and sterling silver. These minimalist adornments will add a touch of sparkle and meaning to your look. These pieces are perfect for gifting, whether you’re looking to celebrate a friend or loved one with a sentimental gesture.

In jewelry, the Moon and Star Pendant Collections symbolizes femininity and the passage of time. They were popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras when baubles often featured them alongside other meaningful symbols such as hearts and flowers. In the later Victorian period, these motifs were also featured in parures (suites of rings, necklaces and bracelets) that were worn by lovers.

Starry Nights: Explore Our Moon and Star Pendant Collection

Today, these motifs are just as popular as ever. They’re often incorporated into diamond rings that are worn as an expression of love or to signify a milestone in a relationship. These rings come in a wide range of styles, from simple studs to elaborate floral-shaped pieces. They’re also found in engagement rings, tiaras and necklaces.

Give the gift of a special moment with a constellation-inspired necklace from this collection. Our Elune necklace is the ideal accessory for a night under the stars, featuring two star-shaped motifs that shine brightly in 14k gold. Another great option is our Star and Moon box chain, which captures the twinkling beauty of the night sky with a delicate crescent moon and sparkling stars that sit on a sleek sterling silver chain. This minimal style is a perfect addition to your necklace stack or can be worn on its own as an everyday statement piece.