What Is an Electric Car?What Is an Electric Car?

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An electric car car that runs solely on electric power is an electric vehicle (EV). The term can also refer to a plug-in hybrid, which combines an EV’s battery pack with a conventional gas engine. There are now about 70 EV models on the market, from compact two-seaters like the Smart and Chevy Spark EV to fully loaded, luxury SUVs. Some are electric versions of familiar vehicles, while others, such as the i5 from BMW, are built from the ground up to be fully electric.

EVs have fewer moving parts than gas-powered cars, which makes them less expensive to maintain. And they don’t require the regular oil changes that a gas-powered car does. However, the battery pack can wear out faster than other car components and may need to be replaced. Look for an extended warranty on the battery, and find out whether it’s transferable if you sell or trade-in your EV.

Electric Car Car: Understanding the Mechanics of EVs

In the early days of EVs, they could travel only 80 or 90 miles on a charge and needed to be recharged often. But as technology progressed, batteries became lighter and more energy-dense, and today’s best EVs can easily drive more than 250 miles per charge.

In addition to improved range, a cheaper battery and better charging technology are expected to bring down the hefty price premium that has kept most people away from EVs. And a growing number of EVs can be charged at home, rather than requiring a dedicated recharging station.