Wedding Questions and QuizzesWedding Questions and Quizzes

Wedding Questions are questions that pertain to details about the couple’s day like their ceremony and reception locations, transportation options, or weather conditions. It’s always best to provide these details in advance so that guests aren’t sending frantic texts the morning of your wedding. It’s also a good idea to put these FAQs on your wedding website so that your guests can access the information whenever they need it.

What are prompts for wedding advice?

Another great way to get your bridal party and friends involved is with a fun, silly quiz! You can find tons of questions on He Said, She Said, our favorite wedding shower game, but you could also make your own. Some examples include: URL :

How many people will you be inviting?

The number of people you invite can have a major impact on your wedding budget. You’ll need more food, more space at the venue, and more catering staff for a larger guest list. To keep your wedding costs low, consider hosting a smaller event and inviting only the most important people to your celebration.

The host of the quiz should be someone in the bride’s or groom’s bridal party, usually the maid of honor or best man. They should be confident enough to stand in front of a crowd and speak loudly so that everyone can hear the questions. Once the question is read, the couple will answer by raising a shoe in the direction of their preferred answer. For example, if they think the groom is a better driver, they’ll hold up his shoe.